Southeast Florida Weather Discussion 11-30-12

Today’s weather was pretty much what has been discussed in the past few days. It was partly to mostly cloudy with some showers. It has been breezy to windy but appears to have  subsided somewhat. The upper level trough is approaching Florida from the west and once it crosses the state, there will be more stable conditions which should lead to less clouds and shower activity. Temperatures will continue to be somewhat warm, but within normal range for this time of year.  Highs will continue to be in the upper 70’s to low 80’s and lows will range from low 60’s to mid 60’s inland to low to middle 70’s along the coast. As mentioned yesterday, there doesn’t appear to be any cold weather coming down for at least another week (if not more).  As the winds decrease somewhat, boating conditions will improve (still rather choppy seas). Also, the risk of high rip currents should decrease as the winds decrease.

As a side note, today is officially the last day for the 2012 hurricane season. The hurricane season extends from June 1 to November 30 on the Atlantic side.  Although the hurricane season is coming to an end today, there is a disturbance way out in the mid-Atlantic.

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The National Hurricane Center is giving it a 30% for it to develop into a tropical or subtropical cyclone within the next 48 hours.

Southeast Florida Weather Discussion 11-29-12

Not much change with the anticipated weather. The weak cool front moved south and is currently south of Florida.  Some showers moved in from the Atlantic waters this morning.    It will continue breezy to windy for next couple of days, but should diminish toward the beginning of next week.  The winds will have negative impact for the marine areas including high risk of rip tides and choppy to rough waters for boating.  Also due to favorable combination of the moon phase and winds, there could be some minor coastal flooding at a few more prone spots.  A weak upper trough is still expected to evolve into the eastern Gulf of Mexico and in combination with the front that passed through will help to generate some shower activity (and possibly some thundershower most likely over the waters).  Temperatures will range from low to mid 60’s inland to upper 60’s low 70’s along the coast.  The weather should improve early next week. There doesn’t appear to be any real cold weather coming down for at least the next week.

Incredible Tornado Hits Italy

There was a large violent tornado that hit Italy on 11/28/12.  It hit Taranto, Italy which is located in the southeastern portion of the country.  See the videos of the tornado taken at different vantage locations.  As indicated on the videos, this was a wedge type/multiple vortices tornado which are more typically seen in the Midwest part of the United States.  Initial reports indicate there were three deaths and 20 injuries.

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